Anderson, Myrtle Mary

Myrtle Mary Anderson
b: 23 March 1889
d: 29 April 1970
  • 23 March 1889 - Birth -
  • 29 April 1970 - Death -
John Kitchner Walker
5 March 1821 - 16 September 1868
Hiram Laraway Walker
20 February 1847 - 12 May 1923
Mary Laura Laraway
14 January 1821 - 4 September 1895
Myrtle Mary Anderson
23 March 1889 - 29 April 1970
Mary Alline Lough
12 December 1856 - 10 June 1929
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Hiram Laraway Walker
Birth20 February 1847Dunham, Monteregie Region, Quebec, Canada
Death12 May 1923 Minnesota, United States of America
Marriage1873to Mary Alline Lough
FatherJohn Kitchner Walker
MotherMary Laura Laraway
PARENT (F) Mary Alline Lough
Birth12 December 1856Iowa, United States of America
Death10 June 1929 Jordan, Scott County, Minnesota, United States of America
Marriage1873to Hiram Laraway Walker
MRaymond Milton Walker
BirthSep 21, 1896Renville, Minnesota, USA
Death8 March 1964Mille Lacs County, Minnesota, USA
MarriageJun 21, 1926to Bessy Elizabeth Schmidt at Mille Lacs, Minnesota, USA
MHerman Erastus Walker
Birth12 June 1878Sumter, McLeod County, Minnesota, United States of America
Death21 November 1951Grand Forks County, North Dakota, United States of America
MAlonzo Hiram Walker
Birth13 April 1882Renville County, Minnesota, United States of America
Death9 April 1972Renville County, Minnesota, United States of America
Myrtle Mary Anderson
Birth23 March 1889
Death29 April 1970
MOlonsa Walker
BirthApr 1882Minnesota
FMyrtle Walker
BirthMar 1889Minnesota
DeathApril 29 1970
FEthfred Edith Torbert
Birth11 June 1875Sumter, McLeod County, Minnesota, USA
Death15 September 1959La Jolla (San Diego County), San Diego County, California, USA
MHerbert Walker
Birthabt 1871United States
MFred Walker
Birthabt 1877United States
FEthfred E. Walker
BirthAbt 1876Minnesota
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