Cogswell, Caroline E.

Caroline E. Cogswell
b: 30 Jan 1830
d: Aft. Jun 1900
  • 30 Jan 1830 - Birth - ; Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
  • Aft. Jun 1900 - Death - ; East Haddam, Connecticut, USA
Nathaniel Cogswell Capt .
16 May 1742 - 16 Nov 1821
William Cogswell
11 Nov 1793 - 7 Nov 1865
Freelove Williams
1741 - 25 Dec 1796
Caroline E. Cogswell
30 Jan 1830 - Aft. Jun 1900
Polly Downing
1791 - 31 October 1863
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Cogswell
Birth11 Nov 1793Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, USA
Death7 Nov 1865 Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, United States
Marriage7 Mar 1814to Polly Downing at Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA
FatherNathaniel Cogswell Capt .
MotherFreelove Williams
PARENT (F) Polly Downing
Birth1791Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, USA
Death31 October 1863 Norwich, Connecticut
Marriage7 Mar 1814to William Cogswell at Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA
FSarah Cogswell
Birth16 February 1827Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut, United States of America
Death22 April 1868Essex, Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States of America
MJames William Cogswell
Birth2 September 1816Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut, United States of America
Death1888Weeping Water, Cass County, Nebraska, United States of America
FLucretia Cogswell
Birth28 Feb 1819Brooklyn CT
Death13 Jun 1843Warren, Washington, Vermont, USA
MJoseph Cogswell
Birth19 Jan 1826Brooklyn CT
Death10 Feb 1875Brooklyn, Connecticut
FCalista Cogswell
Birth5 April 1821Brooklyn
DeathNov 1825Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, USA
FEliza J Cogswell
Birth15 Jan 1815Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, USA
Death16 Dec 1876Brooklyn, Connecticut
FSarah (Sally) Cogswell
Birth16 Feb 1827Brooklyn CT
Death22 Apr 1868Essex, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA
FMary Ann Cogswell
Birth1 JUN 1824Brooklyn CT
Death28 August 1897Dumont, Butler, Iowa, USA
Marriage23 Oct 1844to William King Tucker at Chatham, Georgia
Marriage28 AUG 1849to William King Tucker at Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, USA
FCaroline E. Cogswell
Birth30 Jan 1830Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
DeathAft. Jun 1900East Haddam, Connecticut, USA
FJane C Bowen Cogswell
Birth18 May 1832Brooklyn CT
Death8 Oct 1900New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA
FNancy Amelia Cogswell
Birth17 Apr 1835Brooklyn CT
DeathEst Between:1879 -1930
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