Gress, Casper

Casper Gress
b: About 1890
d: About 1890
  • About 1890 - Birth - ; Russia
  • About 1890 - Death - ; Russia
Johann Gress
About 1836 -
Anton Gress
28 Oct 1856 - 25 Apr 1916
(Unknown) Marcel
About 1840 -
Casper Gress
About 1890 - About 1890
Katharina Mueller
May 1864 - 24 Mar 1909
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Anton Gress
Birth28 Oct 1856Felsenburg, Russia
Death25 Apr 1916 North Dakota, USA
MarriageAbout 1910to Theckla Gress at North Dakota
Marriageabt 1880to Katharina Mueller
Marriageto Katharina Mueller at Russia
FatherJohann Gress
Mother(Unknown) Marcel
PARENT (F) Katharina Mueller
BirthMay 1864Russia
Death24 Mar 1909 New Salem, Morton, North Dakota, United States
Marriageabt 1880to Anton Gress
Marriageto Anton Gress at Russia
MJohn Gress
Birth30 July 1881Russia
DeathAugust 1962
Marriage1917to Magdalena Gerhardt at North Dakota, USA
Marriage1946to Elizabeth Hatzenbuhler
Marriageabout 1960to Sophia
MarriageAbout 1902to Frances Hatzenbuhler at North Dakota
FRosa Gress
Birth18 Nov 1886Beresan, Odessa, South Russia
Death27 Jul 1972Yakima, Yakima, Washington, USA
MMichael "Mike" Anton Gress
Birth25 Sep 1883Russia
Death13 Feb 1968Mandan, Morton, North Dakota, USA
MFrantz Gress
Birth25 Dec 1887Landau, Beresan, Cherson, South Russia (now Ukraine)
Death3 Jan 1974Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA
FMagdalena Gress
BirthJul 1896Russia
Death17 May 1977North Dakota, USA
FMargaretha "Margaret" Boehm (Gress)
Birth25 May 1892Russia
Death7 Jul 1942Crown Butte, Morton, North Dakota, USA
MAnton Gress
Birth15 August 1894Russia
Death13 Oct 1964Crown Butte, Morton, North Dakota, USA
FKatherine Gress
Birthabt 1907North Dakota
Death10 Jan 1988Yakima City
FElisabetha Gress
Birth23 Oct 1900Saint Anthony, Morton, North Dakota
Death03 Sep 1996Grangeville, Idaho, Idaho, United States of America
MPeter Anton Gress
Birth23 Oct 1897Steinfeld, Beresan, Odessa, South Russia
Death22 Apr 1986Crown Butte, Morton, North Dakota, USA
MJacob Gress
Birthabt 1905North Dakota, USA
Death9 February 1939?
MCasper Gress
BirthAbout 1890Russia
DeathAbout 1890Russia
MRalph Gress
BirthAbout 1909North Dakota
DeathAbout 1909
MJack Gress
Birth10 October 1904North Dakota
Death05 May 1986Yakima, Yakima County, Washington
MPeder Gress
BirthAug 1898Alsace-Lorraine, German Empire
FCatharina Gress
Birthabt 1885Landau, Beresan, Cherson, South Russia (now Ukraine)
FLouise Gress
Birthabt 1901North Dakota, USA
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